Lesante Cape is a five-star luxury resort and spa located in Akrotiri, Zakynthos. Only 2km away from the capital of Zakynthos, Lesante Cape is a high-end collection of suites and villas nestled in the rolling Zakynthian countryside. Featuring elegant design, sophisticated aesthetics and a rich cultural heritage, Lesante Cape offers guests the chance to experience a quintessential Mediterranean summertime. The resort features a world-class spa, high-end gastronomy options and access to some of the islands favorite natural and cultural wonders. Inspired by a traditional Greek village, a town square lies in the centre of Lesante Cape - the communal heart of the village. Lined with a kafeneio, a taverna, artisanal craft stores and a folklore museum, the spac. At dusk, the bells from the nearby church flood the square, harmonising with the symphony of authentic island life. Enter Lesante Cape and experience the authentic charm of Zakynthos. Wander through traditional Akrotirian architecture, a textural landscape of sandstone, polished pine and marble, and experience the feeling of having your own country home in the Mediterranean. LEADI

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